The purpose of LIFEorchids (a project co-financed by the European Union through the LIFE programme) is to counteract the current decline of wild orchids, typical of grasslands that maintain their biodiversity characteristics only if correctly managed through mowing or grazing. In the absence of such a care, the habitat is bound to disappear, because shrubs and trees will take over and exclude orchids. The project involves grassland restoration and orchid reinforcement/reintroduction in selected areas within the Park of Po vercellese-alessandrino (Piedmont) and the Park of Portofino (Liguria), also through the contribution of experiences from the Czech Republic.

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The Orchids

In an era of global loss of biodiversity, orchids are considered to be at high risk of extinction, as a consequence of their special characteristics. In nature, in fact, these plants depend not only on pollinating insects for reproduction, but also on specific symbiotic microorganisms (fungi), themselves threatened by environmental changes, which are indispensable for the germination of seeds and the very survival of the first plant growth stages.

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Orchid Steward

The survival of these extraordinary plants and their ecosystem depends on human beings, who can undertake actions of care and land management to protect local biodiversity.
If you are the owner of a land that can represent a habitat for these plants, a land user (for example an agricultural entrepreneur) willing to apply practices allowing orchid survival, or a volunteer willing to take time to assist us in the project activities, and you are available to become “Orchid Steward”, helping us to protect the delicate habitats hosting these “flag” species, get in touch with us (

Already Orchid Stewards

Alessandro Castagnino

Jacopo Calevo

Miriam Bazzicalupo

Andrea Copetta

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The survival of these extraordinary plants and of their ecosystem depends on people, who can protect local biodiversity by taking care and by managing their land.

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